About Mishkah

Our Commitment

In Arabic, “Mishkah” (مشكاة) is a niche in the wall where lamps are placed, radiating light to the surrounding areas. Our name embodies the principles that drive us as an institution – we strive to be a beacon that lights the path to spiritual enlightenment and moral reformation by nurturing the intellect with Divine guidance. Our commitment to our students and the ummah is:

  • to disseminate authentic Islamic knowledge
  • to make Islamic education accessible using the latest technology

Our Mission Statement

“To be a leading global provider of authentic Islamic knowledge. To support the betterment of our global society through education – accessible and affordable for all.”

Our Approach

Knowledge is not to be found just in the lines of the books but also in the hearts of the scholars. Therefore, the best way to obtain Islamic knowledge is orally and through live interaction. This has been the best means adopted to graduate the scholars of Islam throughout history.

Mishkah nurtures this vital relationship between student and scholar. Seekers of knowledge connect with highly qualified teachers weekly for live discussions through video-conferencing. Students also benefit from on-site seminars at our branches in the US and Canada.

Our History

Recognizing the need for credible Islamic universities in the West, Dr. Salah Assawy and other founding members initiated an effort to establish an academic institution that would enable students of knowledge to study Islam in a convenient, flexible, and affordable manner. Formerly known as Sharia Academy of America, the university was founded in 2004 in order to become a vanguard institute of higher learning, pioneering in its kind and scope.

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