“Welcome, seeker of knowledge!”

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, made this statement centuries ago. Since then, it has been engraved in the hearts and minds of his followers; the inheritors of his knowledge. They use it to welcome seekers of knowledge from all parts of the globe whom they receive with smiling faces and whose interest and devotion to seek such precious knowledge they hold dear.

Islamic knowledge, dear Learner, is the heritage of the prophets as they left nothing behind except knowledge. No price tag could ever quantify the value of this inheritance. Seeking knowledge is the most invaluable goal on which we can spend our time and money. Any second that passes without learning something new or performing a good deed will be a source for great regret in the hereafter.

By providing Islamic education to a global community, Mishkah strives to follow in the steps of the Prophet’s Companions who left Medina and traveled around the world to spread his guidance.

At the outset of your journey, as you consider entrusting us to help you achieve your educational goals, we ask that you remember to examine your intentions and seek knowledge only for the cause of Allah. Remember the great Hadith: “Deeds are (rewarded) but by intentions and everyone will be rewarded according to his intention.” (Reported by Bukhari)

We pray that your experience at Mishkah will be a source of enlightenment and fulfillment. May Allah keep all our intentions sincere, guide us all to the right path, and bless us with that which is good in this life and the next.

Dr. Salah Assawy

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