Welcome Seekers of knowledge!

Our structured curriculum at both undergraduate and graduate levels has been designed to give students a solid foundation in Islamic studies.

Our courses are:

  • Evidence-based: Well grounded in the revelation, all our classes are in line with the understanding of our righteous predecessors and great Imams.
  • Comprehensive: Jurisprudence is greatly emphasized because it is a specialized knowledge not commonly taught in-depth outside of academia. However, no important discipline has been overlooked or compromised in our program. Students study Arabic, Aqeedah, Quran and related sciences, Hadith and related sciences, Seerah and History, Tazkiya (purification), Dawah, Islamic thought and ideology, Islamic Pedagogy, Research and Khatabah, and various electives.
  • Balanced: Views of the great Imams and scholars of Islam are fairly and respectfully presented. While the authors of our curricula and teachers  may point to what they consider stronger opinions, there is no excessive zeal for one position or contempt for others if they belong to mainstream Islam i.e. Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah. There is a balance between presenting the detailed technicalities of various sciences and provoking thought about the deen’s higher wisdom and objectives; a balance between encouraging respect for the scholars and adhering to their methodology, and provoking critical analysis of their views; and a balance between the enlightenment of the mind and the purification of the heart.

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