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Begin an engaging and enriching educational journey at Mishkah. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to give students a solid foundation in Islamic studies at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Some students study a few courses to enhance their knowledge in a certain field of Islamic sciences. Many, however, pursue the full BA degree because they wish to be better educated Muslims or because they seek a career in the field of dawah and Islamic education.

Those who seek careers in dawah and education may use their degree in any of the following careers:

  • Imam of a masjid
  • Islamic Studies teacher at an Islamic school
  • Chaplain
  • Editor of Islamic books, journals, e-journals, blogs or websites
  • Islamic academia – after pursuing higher degrees
  • Islamic finance – after pursuing a higher degree in that specialty

Earning the pleasure of Allah through Islamic education is the ultimate gain. Without it, all other goals are futile.

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Undergraduate   Graduate   Non-Degree Students

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