Tuition and Fees

At Mishkah, you earn priceless knowledge at an affordable price.

Application Fees
All students must pay a one-time non-refundable $50 application fee.

Undergraduate Tuition
Undergraduate courses are $50 per credit.

Technology Fee
Starting Summer 2016, students will pay a $15 technology fee every semester. This fee will help cover costs of our new and highly enhanced Student Information System.

Graduate Tuition
Please contact the Arabic department for more information.

  • Masters Courses – $75 per credit
  • Doctorate Courses – $100 per credit
  • Masters Thesis Preparation – $2,500
  • Doctorate Thesis Preparation – $3,500

Other Fees

  • Credit Transfer Fees – $100
  • Exam Retake Fees – $30 (Only applicable if a student fails an exam twice)
  • Advanced Standing Examination Fee – $50 
  • Diploma Translation Fees – $50 (Applicable if a graduating student requires his or her diploma to be translated into a language other than English or Arabic.)

Tuition Payments
Students must pay their fees upon registration for classes. Payment can be made:

  • Online by logging into your student account
  • In cash at one of our offices.
  • By money order or a bank check.
  • Or through bank transfer. Please e-mail for details.

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