Dr. Salah AsSawy

Dr. Salah AsSawyBorn and raised in Egypt, Dr. Salah asSawy completed memorizing Quran when he was 7, taking  first place in a national Quran memorization contest in 1962. He continued to excel in his youth, ranking first in his local town and fifth nationwide when he graduated from high school.

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in the faculty of Legislation and Law at Al-Azhar University and earned his PhD in Islamic Religious Sciences in the faculty of Legislation and Law, graduating with distinction and the highest level honors.

He has taught at several prestigious institutions including at the Faculty of Legislation and Law at Al-Azhar University, and at Umm Al Qura University in Saudia Arabia. He also served as director for the Islamic World League’s Scientific Miracle Association, and the director for the organization’s Legislative Research Centers in Islamabad, as well as the US.

He co-founded the American Open University and was vice-president from the university’s inception in 1995 until 2004. He also helped to found the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in North America (AMJA) which provides answers to critical jurisprudential issues confronting Muslims in the West, and currently serves as AMJA’s Secretary General.

In 2004, he co-founded Sharia Academy of America, now called Mishkah University, and has served as the institution’s president since 2006.

Considered one of the leading scholars of his time, Dr. Salah’s authored books include:

  • Americans’ Misconceptions about Islam.
  • A Reconsideration of the Fatwa Permitting Interest-Based Mortgages
  • Unassailable matters and variables on the path of Islamic work.
  • Revisions on the path of Islamic Work.
  • Belief Fundamentals (1).
  • What a Muslim cannot be ambivalent about.
  • What a merchant cannot be ambivalent about.
  • Commentary on Aqeedah Tahaweya Explanation.
  • Commentary on Al-Sarem Al-Masloul Ala Shatem Al-Rasool (P.B.U.H).
  • Applying Sharia in Muslim Countries: Making the Case.
  • Between Islam and Secularism: A Confrontation.
  • The Collapse of Secularism.
  • Between Muslims and Secularists: A Debate.
  • Religious Extremism: The Other Point of View
  • Reforming Islamic Work: an Introductory Guide.
  • The Concept of an Islamic Nation and the Methods of Adhering to it our Contemporary Life.
  • On the Legitimacy of Participating in Islamic Parties and Associations.
  • The Concise Jurisprudence of the Supreme Leadership.
  • The Issue of Political Diversity.
  • Analyzing Globalization.
  • Settling the Dispute of Following vs. Independence of Jurisprudence.
  • Be Aware that there is No God (Worthy of Worship) but Allah.
  • The Issue of Investments in the Islamic Banks and the way Islam Dealt with it.
  • In this manner let the daa`iyas proceed.
  • The way out of Fitna.
  • Sovereignty Theory and its Influence on the Human Legislative Systems.
  • A reading in the book of a “Dua`ah La Qudah”.
  • In this manner Daa`iyas Articulate.
  • The Rank of Sahaba in the Qur`an.
  • Basic issues on the path of the Islamic movement.
  • Debates around Sufism.
  • Commentary on the book “Hadd Al Islam”.
  • And what is after the Aggression?

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