Non-Degree Students

Mishkah welcomes anyone in pursuit of Islamic knowledge. You can enroll in any class that interests you without applying for a degree program.

Non-degree students require the following materials to register:

As a non degree student you have two options:

  • Take a class for credit: You will be required to meet all class requirements – attending live lectures, assignments and exams – to receive a grade for the class.
  • Audit a class: You will have access to all class materials and may participate in live discussions, but you are not required to fulfill all class requirements such as assignments and final examinations (although it is recommended to do so to enhance your learning.) As an auditor, you earn no credits for courses taken.

Credits earned as a non degree student are recorded on your permanent academic record. A maximum of 30 hours of credit earned will be allowed toward a degree program at Mishkah. For complete guidelines on non-degree study, please see the Academic Guide.

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