More than 1,400 students have embarked on their quest for Islamic knowledge with Mishkah, some from as far away as Albania, Egypt, Nigeria, UAE, and the UK.

Students at different levels and with different needs can all benefit from our courses, whether they are imams working to get the necessary academic, technical, and linguistic skills to excel in their responsibilities or  the “average Muslim” with a great desire to learn and understand the fundamentals of faith.

Our students value the flexibility that Mishkah offers – you can log into your student account and access course materials at any time, making it easy for you to study according to your schedule. In addition, live sessions with instructors are held in the evenings (Eastern Standard Time) and on weekends only, which is ideal for students who work or attend other schools during regular business hours.

Student Testimonials

You learn things you never learned before . . .You not only increase your knowledge, but also your relationship with Allah. – Sr. Mona

Mishkah gave me access to a complete curriculum and scholars on a regular basis, which was the most important thing to me. I felt that before it, I wasted much time and effort studying randomly and sporadically – Br. Salahudeen

I was blessed to be introduced to Mishkah, which has continued filling that yearning for knowledge in me.  I have enjoyed meeting its scholars and Imams at a more personal level because the experiences provide a live demonstration of Islam – Br. AbdurRazzaq


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