New students may register for classes once their new student applications have been approved. Ongoing students may sign up for classes at any time during the designated registration period, which is posted on the Academic Calendar.

Adding Courses

  1. Check the class schedule to determine available courses.
  2. Log in to your student account using your user name and password.
  3. Click on “Courses.” You will be able to view a list of all courses available for a particular semester.
  4. Add the classes you wish to take by clicking on “Add Subject.” Alternatively you may click on the course name to view a description of the class and then click on “Add Subject.”
  5. Once registration is confirmed, you may pay the required tuition fees.

Dropping Courses

  1. Please send an email to Student Support requesting a course drop.
  2. Classes must be dropped within a certain time frame for students to receive either partial or full tuition refunds. Please view our Tuition and Fees Policies for more details.
  3. Course drops are processed within 48 hours.


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